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Dog Photos: 4 Do's and Do Not's of preparing for your session

You're ready to get those oh-so-important photos of your furry companion! How can you make sure the session goes as smoothly as possible? We had the pleasure of collaborating with two amazing pet photographers for this article: Angela from Big White Dog Photography (Washington) and Kylee from Kylee Doyle Photography (California). Below, you'll find 4 Do's and 4 Do Not's for preparing for your dog's photo session.



1. Pick some Inspiration Images from their Site "Review your photographer's website to ensure you love her style and pick some images you love and want to make sure she creates for your gallery."


2. Pack the Favorites "Bring your dog's favorite treats and toys. Most dog photographers will bring their own treats but if you have some special bits that your dog rolls over for, make sure you have a fresh batch." -Angela

3. Pick a Specialist

"Find a photographer who specializes in working with dogs. They'll have lots of extra tricks up their sleeve on how to pose your pup, get them to look at the camera, and capture them as the true family member they are." -Kylee

4. Prioritize your Dog's Personality

"Share any silly quirks your dog has with your photographer. If your pup has an adorable underbite or makes a silly face when you say "snacks," those are the kinds of details you'll want captured and showcased on your wall or in an album." -Kylee


"Do Not's"

1. Get a Last-Minute Grooming

"Don't get your dog groomed right before your shoot. Those first few days after grooming can look awkward and choppy. Your photographer wants your dog looking his best but as you recognize him most. (Personal note: If you're doing a session with me, chances are we're going to get in the water or run through a dusty field. Your grooming will all be for naught!)"


2. Stress about the Chaos "Don't stress about whether your dog is sitting or being still or perfectly well behaved. Dog photographers love to catch your dog in all her spirit, showcasing her personality, which is what we love the most about them!" -Angela

3. Hold Back Safety-Related Details "If your dog has reactivity or anxiety, don't try to hide it from your photographer. Most dogs aren't as social as people think, and knowing what might trigger your pup can help your photographer better plan your session and ensure safety for everyone involved. " -Kylee

4. Wear them Out "Don't take your dog on an extra long hike or to a play date right before your session. While some light exercise that day is okay and can help your dog to be more focused, don't overdo it - you don't want your dog's tongue hanging to the ground in every portrait." -Kylee

Angela - Big White Dog headshot

Angela is the owner of Big White Dog Photography in Spokane, Washington. She specializes in dog photography. You can find her Happily Ever Photo profile here and her website here.

Kylee Doyle headshot

Kylee is the owner of Kylee Doyle Photography, located in Placerville, California. She specializes in pet photography. You can find her Happily Ever Photo profile here and her website here.


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