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Newborn Photos: 4 Do's and Do Not's of preparing for your session

You've got your newborn photo session scheduled! Now what? How can you make sure the session goes as smoothly as possible? We had the pleasure of collaborating with two amazing newborn photographers for this article: Jessica from Jessica Merithew Photography (Asheville, NC) and Aleah from Aleah Gregory Photography (Westfield, IN). Below, you'll find 4 Do's and 4 Do Not's for preparing for your newborn photo session.



1. Fill their Tummy "Feed your baby right before the start of our photo session so that he/she is settled."


2. Prep the Siblings "Prepare your other kids for what the photo session will be like- some time to play, some time with the baby, some time with the family." -Jessica

3. Schedule Ahead for that 2-Week Window

"Do schedule your session early. Newborn photo sessions should ideally be within the baby's first 2 weeks of life when they are generally the sleepiest and easiest to pose. Be sure to book your session early and provide your photographer with your due date so they can tentatively reserve the appropriate time around your due date." -Aleah

4. Make Baby's Comfort a Priority

"Keep your newborn baby comfortable. Newborns can get uncomfortable quickly, so keeping them happy and comfortable during the session is essential. Make sure that your baby is well rested, fed, and has a dry diaper before your session. If your baby needs to be changed or needs a feeding, don't hesitate to take a break to tend to your baby's needs." -Aleah


"Do Not's"

1. Overpack the Outfits

"Do not bring 10 oufits for the baby. Bring one special oufit, or use the photographer's style outfit."


2. Crowd the Room "Do not bring extra family members to watch the session or help with the baby. The more people in the room the more stressful for everyone, including the baby. Your photographer is skilled at handling, dressing, and soothing a baby." -Jessica

3. Stress about their Skin "Don't be concerned about blemishes. Babies can get blemishes or acne. It's a normal part of life. Avoid putting any creams your baby isn't used to before the photo shoot, which they may react to. A good photographer can enhance your baby's natural beauty and make them shine in photos. " -Aleah

4. Deprive your Baby of Sleep "Don't try to keep your baby awake for longer than usual before the session so they sleep during the session. Your baby is still adapting to their new environment and can get overtired easily. A skilled photographer can work with awake and asleep babies! " -Aleah

Jessica Merithew headshot

Jessica is the owner of Jessica Merithew Photography in Asheville, North Carolina. She photographs wedding, elopement, family, newborn, and maternity sessions. You can find her Happily Ever Photo profile here and her website here.

Aleah Gregory Photography headshot

Aleah is the owner of Aleah Gregory Photography, located in Westfield, Indiana. She photographs family, newborn, maternity, and branding sessions. You can find her Happily Ever Photo profile here and her website here.


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