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March Newsletter

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Outfits for your Spring Family Photo Session Photographer Melissa Sheridan (Ohio) has compiled a beautiful array of outfit ideas for your Spring Family photo session. Use them as inspiration or order the outfits directly through the store links she provides.



5 Tips to take better pictures than your friends

Photographer Jen Davis (NJ) gives you 5 invaluable tips to take better photos with any kind of camera. This is a must-read!

5 Tips to Take Better Pictures Than Your Friends ebook JEN DAVIS
Download PDF • 24.03MB

"Light & Airy" Editing

For the month of March, we're featuring the "Light & Airy" editing style. This style has been around for decades. It's bright, clean, and often has a cool or pastel look to it. Below, you can find 4 of our photographers whose work shows off the light & airy style.


How to choose your wedding photographer Beet & Blossom Photography out of Connecticut wrote a wonderful blog about the 7 questions you should ask yourself before choosing your wedding photographer.

Read the article here.


5 Ways to get your photos off your phone and into tangible memories

Mary Beth Miller (Ohio) gives you 5 great companies that will turn the photos on your phone into beautiful art that you can hold in your hands. Read the article here.


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